Music by Rachel Rebel - Audio and Video

Air So Thin

This is a song I wrote many years ago with my bass player friend Kyle. It was originally a full-on electronica song. Recently, I asked my friend James to back me up, and it turned into this cool electric guitar and beatbox version which I love! This is a recording of the song at one of our rehearsals. 

Air So Thin (mp4)


Old Speakings

This is a song that I co-wrote with my friend John Joe (the pianist in the recording, also the person who recorded it and added in drum track) in Ireland back in 2001. I love this song and want to put it out there again!

OldSpeakings (mp4)


Dearly Departed

This is another track that I wrote with John Joe about 5 years later when I returned to Ireland. This song is about how alcohol can steal our loved ones from us. 

dearlydeparted (mp4)


Call Us When You Get There

This is another song I wrote with John Joe in Ireland. This one is about leaving home and growing up from our childhood.

call us when you get there (mp4)


I Do

This is a song I wrote on the guitar. It is about my greatest love and the ways that we prevent ourselves from connection.

i do (mp4)


The Joy is Back (original) 2010

This was my first official music video, directed and shot by Jason Lange, audio recorded by Ryan Oelke. Song written, sung and played by me (all music and lyrics).

Origins of "The Joy is Back"

This short video is when I had only written the chorus for "The Joy is Back" and a very simple piano part. In many ways, this is the essence of the song and I prefer it to the finished product.

Unravel (A Bjork Cover Song) 2010

This is a video I made at home in 2010 in my studio apartment, doing my best to cover one of my favorite Bjork songs.

Give Me Back My Things 2008

This is me singing the lead on a breakup song that my friend Chuck Potashner wrote years ago, during a few lucky years  where I got to perform out with Chuck and Andrea (left) in multiple Denver venues.